We develop management and workflow systems specifically for each project.

  • › Personalized tools that better address each of the client’s needs.
  • › Systems that produce, manage, control, store and share digital content online such as images, videos, advertising pieces and digital information in any file format, with anyone.
  • › Accessible from anywhere in the world on PC, Mac, mobile, iPad, Blackberry, Android and iOS.
  • › Technology infrastructure installed in data centers according to international redundancy and security norms and standards.


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DAM – Digital Asset Management

This tool allows users access to the system in order to view, store, manage, search, download and upload files. All texts, images, pictures, logos, artworks, digital banners and even videos are organized within the same system. The DAM accepts various types of files: design, video, audio, Flash and Office, among others; it also has an automatic storage system that controls, organizes and facilitates the search for files, campaigns and jobs that are both recent and past.


Timer provides automatic warnings about expiration dates for images, contracts and files in the system. It allows expired files and contracts to be automatically blocked for download. The system administrator can update the expiration dates (if usage periods are renegotiated) and the file will once again become available for download and use.


Allows users to request the creation/production of materials online and then route them for approval or rejection and conclusion. The entire workflow is automated and e-mail notices are sent to users involved in the process.  Net can be integrated with other corporate systems.


Automated, fast digital delivery tool for materials such as videos, spots and printed content and digital content to the over 3,000 suppliers and media vehicles registered and integrated in the system.
Users have complete control over the material sent and received.
This tool adapts every file to the technical specifications required by suppliers and media vehicles. It automatically checks for, corrects and flags technical issues so that the file can be published correctly, ensuring that colors and images appear as they should.


Allows the communication line to be standardized. Regional offices, branches and distributors can customize the pieces created by the head office without changing the visual identity of the brand or of the creative campaign.
Users gain efficiency and independence in creating or adapting their layouts through previously-defined editable fields. Users are only given access to a high-resolution version of the file after approval from the administrating group.


Users can request or note corrections and changes to graphics pieces (virtual overlay) also the option to view soft proofs.
Talk allows simultaneous users to chat and records every action taken by each user.


Control produces automatic reports and provides complete oversight of the processes that take place in the system. These reports can be integrated with reports already produced by the company’s corporate systems.
All user actions are audited at every step (date, source, operation) in order to generate segmented analyses and reports.


Edit was developed to automate the production processes for retail marketing materials like digital and printed catalogs and advertisements.
It provides security and minimizes designer errors by producing materials inside of a system that shares information with different departments (sales, creative, studio, production, suppliers and financial).


Is based on the features of the Talk tool, but instead of users requesting and noting corrections and changes to a digital or print piece, Annotation works on video frames (virtual overlay).
This tool also records each user's actions.



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